Welcome to the 8th Begnas di Bauko

Once again, the biggest cultural festivity of the municipality of Bauko is all set on March 13-15, 2014 with the theme “Gameng ya Kataguwan Aywanan, Tawiden ya Sumyaan di Sasayangdan”.

This celebration calls for the unity of all the people of Bauko as they thank God for all His blessings the whole year round.  It is also the time to revisit the rich culture of Bauko and depict from it the values to uphold lasting peace, permanent ties and meaningful progress for Bauko.

Highlights of the three-day activities are streetdancing of community and children, indigenous parlor games, literary musical contest, cultural dance, Folk and ballroom dance competition, agri-industrial and tourism trade fair, job fair and the launching of the Gameng Ya Kataguwan Programs of the present administration.

We invite everyone to come and lend us color to this wonderful occasion. Arniel C. Bagayao

40 Girl Scouts Sit as SOFAD

Every 3rd Monday of October was set as the SCOUT OFFICERS of the DAY (SOFAD) for the scouts enacted under Municipal Ordinance No. 21-A. This year’s SOFAD (October 21) was freely agreed by the girls and boy’s scouts of the Philippines starting this year, and to be followed the next years ahead that it’s the Girls’ scouts turn this year and the Boys scout next year. That was an agreement advantageous to both groups giving each group an opportunity to lead and serve for a day.

            Girl Scouts from the different Elementary and National High schools were lucky enough to be one in this year’s activity:


SOFAD Vice Mayor – CHERYL P. BANDAO – Mabaay NHS

SOFAD Councilors:

                        ROWENA B. BAGANGAN – Tipunan NHS

                        MARY C. MANG-OSAN – Guinzadan NHS

                        RECHOL N. PAKIPAK – Tipunan NHS

                        SHELLA D. MATIAS – Banao NHS

                        RESTIE KIDLO – Leseb NHS

                        RODA D. SALLAYA – Guinzadan NHS

                        MARINALD DELA CRUZ – Bansa NHS

                        JUNALYN P. BALCAC – Banao NHS

            ABC President         – NORMALYN B. BIANGDAN – Mabaay NHS

            SK President            – HERMIE BETH P. TUPAC – Abatan NHS

SB Secretary – KATHYLEEN YAOS – Bansa NHS

SOFAD Treasurer – ANALIZA WAIS – Bansa NHS

SOFAD Civil Registrar – RUBY GRAIL DULAGAN – Banao ES


SOFAD Assessor – ANN GUNGANGAC – Lagawa ES

SOFAD Accountant – KRISTAL ALUYEN – Bauko Central School

SOFAD Budget Officer – MARIFE CALIMODOG – Mabaay NHS

SOFAD Planning Development Coordinator – DORETH P. PANPANICO – Leseb ES

SOFAD Agriculturist – URGELY P. PAYACDA – Bila ES

SOFAD Social Worker – MICHA BALAS – Leseb NHS


SOFAD Health Officer – HAIDE DAY-ONG – Bauko Central School

SOFAD Executive Secretary – JESLYN L. SIW-ANGAN – Abatan NHS


SOFAD Local Treasury Operation Officer – LESLINE AMBATANG – Sadsadan Trail ES

SOFAD Revenue Collection Clerk – APRIL W. BATONG – Mayag ES

SOFAD Tourism Officer I – DANAH I. DEPOLLO – Otucan-Bila NHS

SOFAD Administrative Assistant V – CHERRY ANN GUITOC – Otucan Norte ES

SOFAD Information Officer – ALICE B. BALUSDAN – Guinzadan ES

SOFAD Chief of Police – KATE L. PALALY – Guinzadan ES








SOFAD Municipal Link Officer – MECHELLE DIANA B. SAYAN – Sadsadan Trail ES

SOFAD District Supervisor – NICA B. MALABATO – Banao ES

            These 40 Girl Scouts led the flag raising ceremony whereby a short program was conducted  before they went to their respective posts as though they were the officers themselves. It is expected that through this activity, these young and enthusiastic girls will dream of becoming successful individuals in the future, thus they must make good in their daily undertakings in their community, at home and in school.

            On the part of the SOFAD SB, their session at the SB hall was conducted smoothly with the leadership of their Presiding Officer. They tackled some light issues as reflected in their minutes of meeting.

            The day’s activity was concluded with a closing program which commenced at 4 o’clock and promptly ended at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

SCOFAD 2013 Challenges all Aspiring Public Servants

Municipal Ordinance No. 019-A., declaring every first Monday of October as a Senior Citizen’s Day in the Municipality of Bauko was adopted on Nov. 8, 2010.

This is an opportunity for the Senior Citizen’s Federation officers who from among themselves had chosen Senior Citizen Officer for a Day in all elective positions in this municipality.

On October of 2010, the first set of  officers availed of this chance. Since then, this agency in its yearly budget had included appropriation for their incentives as follows:

-SCOFAD mayor P1,100.00; SCOFAD vice mayor P1,000.00 and the ten (10) SCOFAD councilor is P 990.00 each.

On October 7, 2013, this year’s SCOFAD were represented by the following:

SCOFAD Mayor – Mr. HILARIO COTO-ONG (Otucan Sur);


SCOFAD Councilors:

            1. Mr. FRANCISCO BALUSDAN ( Banao);

            2. Mrs. ISIDRA BILAYON (Tapapan);

            3. Mrs. ELENA CAWAYAN (Mount Data);

            4. Mrs. ROSA BOSOEN (Monamon Norte);

            5. Ms. FELOMINA LUCANEY (Poblacion);

            6. Mr. BENIGNO BOTLOGAN (Leseb);

            7. Mr. VICTOR SAYAPEN (Mabaay);

            8. Mr. LEO ATOPEN (Sadsadan);

            9. Mrs. ANITA DOCOLAN (Monamon Sur);

            10. Mr. BARTOLOME MOCNANGAN (Guinzadan Central)

This group of SCOFAD officers had passed a resolution (SCOFAD Res. No. 2013-001)  to strengthen and challenge the leadership of all aspiring public servants. Formed part of the requirements in the filing of Certificate of Candidacy from the LGU-Bauko and to be imposed by the Office of the COMELEC, that every citizen must be good and compliant citizens in the settlement of obligations particularly payment of Real Property Tax. Hence, a Certificate of Tax Clearance from the Office of the Municipal Treasury could be easily availed.

On the other hand, the SB conducted their first special session at the ground floor of the Presiding Officer’s residence to tackle and finalize important issues referred to them.

—-by: Ms. Gracia Florentina Bragado

State of the Municipality Address Highlights LGU Day 2013

BAUKO. For the first time in the history of Bauko, a State of the Municipality Address was delivered.  This significant activity was attended by all the Punong Barangays, Barangay Council, Barangay Health Workers, Barangay Tanods of the twenty two (22) barangays, Department of Education-Bauko District and other National Agencies.  Local media such as Northern Times, Radyo ng Bayan Bontoc, Radyo Sagada and Mountain Province Exponent were also invited to attend the SOMA. Article 1, Section 444, (xiii) of R.A. No. 7160 mandates that the Local Chief Executive shall visit the component barangays of the municipality at least once every six (6) months to deepen his understanding of the problems and conditions therein, listen and give appropriate counsel to local officials and inhabitants, inform them about the ordinances and laws, and strengthen good governance to improve the quality of life of the people of Bauko municipality.

It’s been 100 days since Mayor Abraham B. Akilit has taken his seat as Local Chief Executive of this municipality. And as part of the celebration of the Local Government Unit Anniversary, he wanted to report his accomplishments and the state of the municipality to take actions on the problems and concerns of the barangays, foster transparency, and practice good governance.

Municipal Vice Mayor Simon C. Lacwasan Sr. after roll call and declaration of quorum of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan session called the second special SB meeting to order afterwhich the Servant’s Prayer was led by Hon. Ricky B. Samidan.  The Municipal Mayor then was acknowledged by the body and was given the concession to deliver his State of the Municipality Address.  The SOMA of the Mayor started with a one-hour videoviewing of all the banner programs of the present administration with the theme GAMENG YA KATAGUAN and interviews with the department heads reporting their respective office’s accomplishments and contributions to the executive agenda.  Then came the most awaited part of the program, the energetic and dynamic leader, Mayor Abraham Akilit delivered his SOMA which packaged the highlights of accomplishments of the Local Government Unit for the past first one hundred (100) days of performance.


Upon settling into Office on July 1, 2013 ……….. I, Abraham B. Akilit, having been elected as your mayor, present the following accomplishment:

  1. General Administrative Concerns:

I exercised general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the municipal government according to section 444 of the Local Government Code.

  • Conducted consultation meetings with the different head of offices
  • Reviewed, updated and monitored on-going and proposed projects within the municipality especially with the Office of the Engineer, MSWD to include 4Ps program and Office of Agriculture
  • Headed disaster response during the past typhoons: Labuyo, etc
  •  Conducted Medical & Dental Outreach to different sitios of the municipality: 4 Missions
  • Conceptualized Philhealth sponsorship to newlywed pregnant women.
  • Presented programs and propose policies and projects for consideration of the SB and other agencies of the government:     (Section 444 LGC)
  • Caused the submission of project proposals to different government agencies
  • Conducted courtesy calls and consultations, representation to the different line agencies and offices of the government
  • Conceptualized the GAMENG YA KATAGUAN Team for the banner programs on Watershed Protection & Management, Livelihood, Manpower Development and Trade Fair, Tourism, and Special Projects focused on income generating projects
  • 5 master development plans were crafted.

ü  Called upon national offices or employee stationed in or assigned to the Municipality to advise them on matters affecting the municipality for recommendation

  • Conducted consultation meetings, planning meetings with DAR, DA, DSWD, NCIP, DOST, DTI etc. (local, regional and national)
  • Initiated the reorganization of Committees, Boards and Councils for the Municipality.

ü  Municipal development Council

ü  Municipal School Board

ü  Municipal Health Board

ü  Municipal peace & Order Council

ü  People’s Law Enforcement Board

ü  Municipal Tourism Council

ü  Municipal Nutrition Council

ü  Livelihood Committee

ü  Local Finance Committee

ü  Other committees that are essential

  • On the formulation of Executive and Legislative Agenda:

ü  Cause the formulation of a term-based Executive & Legislative Agenda for quality planning. Whereby, series of meetings for Bauko situation and office-based situations were conducted

ü  ELA is the mother of all plans such as:

  • Local Governance Performance Management System’s State of Local Governance Report
  • Comprehensive Development Plan
  • Comprehensive  Land Use Plan
  • Local poverty Reduction Action Plan
  • Annual investment
  • ELA Manual and Facilitators’ Guide

ü  Formulation of a Bauko Situationer as basis for development initiatives

ü  ELA agenda is focused on Anti-Poverty programs, Projects and Activities

ü  On the updating of the CLUP

  • Coordination with UPLB thru the College of Human Ecology for the GAP analysis of the existing CLUP
  • We should understand that CLUP is important to  ensure efficient allocation, utilization, management and development of municipality’s land

ü   We started formulating the Municipal Development Plan

ü   Formulation of the Annual Investment Program & Municipal development Investment plan

ü   Initially caused  the establishment of a local revenue management information system

ü  Caused  the preparation of the Executive Budget for the ensuing fiscal year for its submission to the SB not later than 16th October of the fiscal year

  • On Personnel Actions

ü  Ensured that all personnel actions such as appointments transfer, reassignment, detail etc., are in accordance with the civil service law, rules and regulation


  1. I.                    Local administrative Governance:
  • I shall enforce all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the Municipality, and, in the exercise of its corporate powers, implement all approved policies, programs, projects, services and activities of the municipality.
  • Call conventions, conferences, seminars or meetings of fellow public servants in the municipality including provincial and national officials and employees stationed or assigned in our municipality.
  • Provide appropriate authorities with copies of executive orders, within 72 hours after their issuance
  • Cause the municipality to be defended against all suits to ensure that its interests, resources and rights shall be adequate protected.
  • Apply and secure written permission from proper authorities before going on official travel outside of the municipality (Section 96 LGC)
  • Exercise operational control over the local PNP

ü  On Barangay  Supervision

  •  To observe general supervision over component barangays
  • Visit component barangays  to deepen understanding of problem & issues/condition, listen & give appropriate counsels to local officials and inhabitants and to inform the component barangay officials and inhabitants of the laws and ordinance
  • Oversee the efficient and effective implementation and administration of the Katarungan Pambarangay

ü  Local Legislation:

I will cause for the enactment and enforcement of ordinances that has not been passed yet in support of the need of our municipality or in compliance to DILG Memorandum Circulars according to our needs such as:

  • Ordinance in support of Social Development:

-          Campaign against commercial and sexual exploitation of children

-          Investment of friendly ordinances

  • Ordinances in Support of Economic Development
    • Cause the improvement of local revenue administration, including codification of revenue ordinances that are not existent.
    • Enactment or amendment  of local transport franchising and regulatory ordinances
    • Ordinances in Support of Environmental management:
      • Cause the formulation , updating and enforcement of Environmental Code
      • Enactment and enforcement of ordinances related to environment protection, if none has been passed (Solid management, ex.)
  • On Transparency:
    • Carry out an OPEN DOOR POLICY type of governance to bring government closer to the people, by way of:

      Citizen’s desk at the lobby of the municipal hall

      Maintenance of performance billboard or permanent bulletin board containing information and others.

      Conduct of regular informative tour  for the youth to municipal offices to familiarize them on the workings of the municipal government

  • On Participation:
    • Call for cooperative undertaking
    • Call upon any National Official or employee assigned to the municipality to advise matters affecting the community and make recommendations there in.
  • On People’s and Non-Government organizations
    • Promote operation of Pos & NGOs to become active partners in the pursuit of local governance
  • On Indigenous Cultural Communities:
    • Upholding  and ensuring the free exercise of our rights as IPs

ü  On Development Planning

  • Cause for the preparation and submission or annual reports containing summary of all matters pertinent to governance, administration, social services, economic development and environmental management including supplemental reports when unexpected events and situation arise at any time of the year.
  • Cause submission of annual reports to SB on the socio-economic, political and peace and order conditions, and other matters affecting the municipality.
  • See to it that State of Local Governance Report is optimally utilized as principal source of document in the formulation and implementation of programs, projects or administrative reforms.
  • Ensure the full implementation of the Local Governance performance Management System and cause the preparation of the State of Local Governance report, utilizing LGPMS results.

ü  On CLUP:

  • To update the existing CLUP for 2014-2016
  • Close working relation with MPDO
  • Incorporation of the UP  students ‘ evaluation result and recommendation to the CLUP

ü  On  Information management:

  • Cause the establishment of a municipal archival system

ü  On Revenue Generation:

  • Coming up with strategies and systematic schemes of collection of local revenues with the local treasurer, the permit and licensing officer and the local assessor
  • Ensure all taxes and other revenues are collected in accordance with law or ordinance
  • Cause for the generation of resources and revenues for the implementation of development plans, programs and objectives
  • Upgrade and modernize tax information and collection services

ü  On Resource Allocation and Utilization

  • Prioritized funding from IRA is intended for the banner program but not limited to:
  1. Watershed and Environment Management
  2. Manpower Skills Development and Job Placement
  3. Livelihood
  4. Tourism
  5. Special Projects on income generating projects
  • Appropriate funds for Right-Based Approach programs
  • Ensure that revenues of the municipality are spent in accordance with the law

ü  On Financial Accountability:

  • Cause for the efficient and effective property and supply management, protect the funds, credits, rights and other properties of the municipalities
  • Represent the municipality in all business transactions and sign in behalf all bonds, contracts and obligations

ü  On Customer Service:

Continuing implementation of the Anti-red Tape program for Local Governments

  • Issuance of Business Permit:
    • Prompt issuance of municipal permits or license
    • Activate Issuance of Building permit with affordable fees to ensure safety of building occupants.

ü  On Human Resource Management & Development:

  • Formulation and implementation of Municipal Human Resource and Development Program (Trainings/Seminars)
  • See to it that municipal officials and employees faithfully discharge their mandated duties  and functions (competence and commitment)
  1. II.                  Local Social Governance:

 Cause the provision of social welfare services which include programs and projects on livelihood and pro-poor projects.

ü  On Health & Nutrition:

  • Provision of basic health services
  • Continuing medical missions to sitios
  • Enhancement  of maternal health
  • Improvement of  maternal lying in clinic
  • Promotion and expansion of organic farming system

ü  Education:

  • Working with Bureau of Non-formal Education and other government agencies for the development and implementation of literacy and non-formal education.

ü  On Basic Utilities:

  • Provide technical and financial assistance, and possible forms of support assistance to punong barangays with in the municipality to ensure that problems of utilities are properly addressed

ü  On Peace, Security & Disaster Risk management:

  • Formulation of Peace and Order Annual Action Plan
  • Ensure the efficient and effective administration of the Katarungang Pambarangay
  • Formulation of Area Community Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan
  • Strengthening of the MDRRMC; implementation of Disaster Management Plan
  • Procurement of Firetruck and service pick-up

ü  Women & Children:

  • Adopt Policies and cultivate programs for the promotion of the rights of women and children
  • Formation of Local Council for the Protection of Children and the Lupong Tagapamayapa

ü  Public Safety Concern

  • Strengthening of the Municipal Engineering office
  • Enforce application of national Building code and Fire Code
  • Initiate organization of in house and community volunteer brigades
  1. III.                Local Economic Governance

ü  Agriculture:

  • Provision of extension and onsite services and facilities for agriculture
  • Strengthening of the Municipal Agriculture Office
  • Zoning of Different crops like Sugar cane, Cacao and others
  • Increase quality production to increase income
  • Continuing Development of organic farming
  • Continuing Development of fishery production
  • Continuing Development of Livestock Products

ü  Entrepreneurship, Business & Industry Promotion:

  • Cause the provision of infrastructure facilities to serve the needs of the residents ;
  • Initiate Income Generating Projects (IGP) for  the less fortunate  people of Bauko
  • Establishment of the GAMENG YA KATAGUAN   Livelihood Desk, Tourism Desk,

ü  Welfare of Consumers:

  • Formulation of policies and strategies to keep basic consumer goods at reasonable levels
  • Enforce Consumer Act of the Philippines
  1. IV.               Local Environment Governance:

ü  Natural resource management:

  • Adoption of adequate measures and standards to safeguard and conserve land, mineral, forest and other natural resources.

ü  Forest Management:

  • Adoption and implementation of the GAMENG  YA KATAGUAN  master plan on Watershed Protection  and Management

He appealed to the municipal officials and employees, to the Department of Education and other national offices and the people of Bauko in general to continue their full and all out support to his banner programs stressing the point that it is only through the cooperation between and among them that these programs, projects and activities will be realized.  Also, he appealed to the office of the Governor, Office of the Congressman and the office of the President to give their generous support and funding to programs geared towards the poverty reduction of the municipality.

The State of the Municipality Address was moved and seconded by the Sangguniang Bayan Members and is formally adopted and they have pledged their full support for the fast implementation of the Local Executive’s continuing programs, projects and activities.  He ended his SOMA with a proverb that goes this way “ It is better to aim to run a hundred miles and end up with 10 miles, than aiming to run 10 miles but we end up 1 mile, the worst is when we aim nothing and finish our term with nothing”.  “We therefore aim high to make Bauko progressive” concluded the Mayor.

Other parts of the LGU Day celebration are the National Statistics Month and Provincial Statistics Officer Adrian A. Cerezo was the guest of honor and speaker.  He talked on the importance of statistics in the development planning of various sectors of the municipality. The program concluded with cultural dance competition, balls games and indigenous games of the municipal officials and employees which strengthened the bond of the LGU residents. ARNIEL C. BAGAYAO

IFAD Mission Reaches Bauko

BAUKO- The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) mission visited the Municipality of Bauko on October 16, 2013.

The main objective of the said mission is to ensure effective implementation of the Livelihood Assistance Fund (LAF) under the AAIGA (Agricultural, Agribusiness and Income Generating Activities) component of CHARMP2.

Said mission was attended by the representatives from the different Livelihood Interest Groups (LIG’s), Community Financing Institutions (CFI’s) – Otucan Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc. and MSL Credit Cooperative, CMO’s and Office of MunicipalAgriculturist staff.

The Municipality of Bauko through the full cooperation of the OMAG, CMO’s together with the LIG’s was able to prepare and submit 41 business plans in order to support the enterprise development activities of the different organizations under CHARMP2. A Livelihood Assistance Fund (LAF) amounting to 4.3 million was obligated for the Municipality of Bauko for the said purpose.

The Livelihood Assistance Fund granted to the different organizations supports the banner program of Mayor Abraham B. Akilit on livelihood generation under the “Gameng ya Kataguwan”.

In this regard, Mayor Akilit challenged the Livelihood Interest Groups to be serious and active in implementing their business plans especially in the utilization of the funds in order to make a difference in the life of the recipients thereby alleviating poverty in the municipality.

In addition, Consultants Sylvia Paraguya and Joey Barroga encouraged the LIG’s to polish their business plans at the same time applauded the CFI’s recordwhich will serve as conduit for said funds.

Moreover, Dr. Leonor Versola, AAIGA Regional Coordinator encouraged the group to undergo enhancement training and identify business development services which they need for the successful implementation of their business plans. Further, she told the group that with the blessings received, they should keep in mind to be good stewards.

– by: Sharmaigne Ruth Garcia

RA 9344 Orientation Conducted

The Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development in coordination with the different partner agencies had conducted an Orientation on September 26,2013 on the Salient Points of the Juvenile Justice on Welfare Act of 2006 (RA 9344) regarding Children in Conflict with the Law and the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Acts of 2002 (RA 9165). It was participated by 15 Barangay Captains, 10 Barangay Kagawads, 13 Barangay Secretaries and 9 representatives from the Lupong Tagapamayapa.

Resource speakers came from different partner agencies such as: Police Inspector Mark Balliasa of the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB-Babalaan,Tadian); Atty. Andrew Ruben S. Daculan Jr. of the Public Attorney’s Office; SPO III Edward Bigwil, SPO I Norma Tuaca and PO II Kenny Roger Coteng of the Philippine National Police-Bauko; and Marichu B. Cominga of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) as the lead agency and facilitator of the said activity.

This activity aims to establish concrete data on crimes committed by the CICL basis for Intervention and Diversion Programs which would help to minimize if not prevent crimes happening in the locality.

–Marichu B. Cominga

Mayor Recognizes BHWs as Unsung Heroes

BAUKO. Hundreds of Barangay Health Workers of this municipality came into assembly on September 26, 2013 at the Municipal Open Gymnasium. This assembly is done annually to give updates and address issues and concerns concerning health in the different barangays of Bauko. This is also an avenue to strengthen the bonding of the BHWs.

“You are our unsung heroes” stressed the Municipal Mayor of Bauko, Honorable Abraham B. Akilit, “for you are the front liners not only on health sector but also on other agenda. I am supportive to all health programs and that I am very much concerned for the accreditation of the Rural Health Unit of Bauko to become a Maternal Care Package. This, in the end, would somehow address poverty in our municipality”.

Part of the assembly is the lecture of Household Masterlisting which was facilitated by Ms. Shirly Socalo. This focused on how to fill up survey forms which are the bases for instituting a baseline data on health. Hon. Sabado Pussan also gave his assurance of support and commitment to the health programs of the municipality. As a backgrounder especially to the new BHWs, the Municipal BHW Federation President Mr. Ralph Alangui gave an overview of RA 7883 otherwise known as the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers which provides incentives and benefits to Barangay Health Workers. Accordingly, Bauko BHW was organized in 1980 and they worked on a voluntary basis extending health services not only to the barangay but even up to the municipal and provincial level. However, these health workers are encouraged to continue attending trainings and seminars to further enhance their skills and capabilities in becoming more responsive and better equipped in delivering health projects and programs.

One of the highlights of the assembly is the orientation on Operation Timbang which was lectured by Provincial Nutritionist Ms. Catherine Melecio. She also reminded the BHWs the giving of Vitamin A to 6-59 months old and deworming tablet from 12-71 months old as part of the Garantisadong Pambata Month which is celebrated every month of October. BHWs, as partners of the Local Civil Registry in attending to vital events such as birth, marriage and death were also oriented on the proper filling up of civil registry forms by Engr. Arnel Calde, the Municipal Civil Registrar. This will minimize, if not totally avoid errors and discrepancies on the live, marriage and death certificates of persons which also calls for expenses in its correction.

The program ended with an assurance by the Municipal Mayor Abraham B. Akilit and the Municipal Health Officer Dr. Samuel M. Masidong that certainly, these unsung heroes of Bauko will have an increase of incentive by next year. This declaration gave the participants high spirits and an even higher ardor to perform their work.

-Arniel Bagayao