Sinto History


Barangay Sinto is 46 kilometers away from Bontoc the capital town of Mountain Province and 100 kilometers away from Baguio City. It is within the Mount Data National Park so that the residents are clamoring for the immediate delineation of the upper Bauko Ancestral domain and eventual issuance of the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) by the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. This will ensure their tenure security over their ancestral domain and lands.

The delineation of upper Bauko Ancestral Domain is on going compromising the barangays of Leseb, Mabaay, Sadsadan, Monamon Norte, Monamon Sur, Mount Data and Sinto. Barangay Sinto is the gate entrance and exit of Mountain Province to and from Baguio. A municipal Sub-Office was constructed just adjacent of the Iodization Plant to cater to the needs of barangay Sinto and its neighboring barangays.

Gardening is the primary source of their income so that they employ laborers not only from the neighboring barangays but also from the other Municipalities such as Bauko, Tadian, Sabangan, Tinoc, Hungduan and others.

Long ago, the road from Baguio to Bontoc was not yet open. According to Lakay Toco this place or area were they catch bird. They called this area “Lamangan”and “Bacdangan” means the sky is covered with thick clouds thus the people cannot hunts bird. However when the road was open the name Lam-angan was changed to Sinto. The name Sinto evolved a Spanish term “CIENTO” which means one hundred. Since the area where Lam-angan was located 100km. away from Baguio, the roads workers name this place Sinto.

The early inhabitants or migrants in this place is Mr. Orlando Samidan when he was designated as BPWH Capatas, he builds his camp here. After which the Malinias,Maday-a living near the place came near the road to build their house. The following year the Baquian, Olsim, from Buguias came to acquire garden and build their house. Then the other families came. Majority of the residents are belongs to the kankaney tribe.

The political history in the early part of 1960’s Sinto was a sitio of the mother unit of barangay Mount Data. On November 2, 1969, Sinto was separated due to yearly increase of population. Starting from the year 1969 during Martial Law until the end late Mr. Alipio Baquian was the barangay captain then he was succeeded by Mr. Leon Abellion,Olsim,Gavino, Alfonso Bao-idang, Calixto Bayanes,Alexander Maday-a and OIC Marcos Cadaweng up to November 30,2007. On December 1, 2007 it was the reign of barangay Captain Johnny Olsim.

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